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Bitcoin Fax – Everything You Need to Know

Earlier this year Bitcoin launched their online fax service called Bitcoin Fax, allowing users to send faxes online with micropayments by using Bitcoin currency and eliminating the need to sign-up for a monthly plan. Why is this new faxing option causing so much discussion? Mainly because it’s

Did You Know Your Email Faxing Service Could Do This?

At first you may think that online faxing is just about sending or receiving faxes, but the truth is that there’s a lot more to it. If we look at the past decade, there has been a massive change in the communication tools we use. Ultimately, email

RingCentral Expands with Acquisition of Glip

Yesterday RingCentral announced the would be acquiring Glip, an office messaging tool. The acquisition will mean that RC will be expanding their cloud based service for businesses and be able to offer yet another feature for users to benefit from. Glip is a messaging tool that is

RingCentral Partners with TechData

The well known cloud communications provider, RingCentral, has recently teamed up with Tech Data Corporation, one of the leading distributors of IT services int the world, to be able to offer their services through one Tech Data’s most popular channel, the StreamOne Solutions Store. Thanks to RC’s

RingCentral Office Receives PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award

RingCentral recently received the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award for their RingCentral Office system which received a 4.5 out of 5 rating. PC Magazine explained why they awarded RingCentral, “We found RingCentral to be an impressive, professional VoIP platform for businesses, and much easier to administer and