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Why Are Business Still Faxing in 2019?

Is faxing a thing of the past? Actually, faxing is still essential for many businesses and a new wave of fax technology is on the rise. More and more businesses of all sizes and budgets continue to use faxing to transmit documents on a daily basis. It’s

Go Green Instantly with Gmail Faxing

Although it may seem insignificant, switching to a Gmail faxing service has a huge impact on saving our environment. As more businesses make the switch, the more we are helping to save tress and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is the #1 cause of global warming. Aside

What Type of Google Fax Number Should I Choose?

When selecting a virtual fax number for your business you have several options available to choose from. It’s important to know how each service can help your company and this article will help you learn more about the types of numbers and how they work. To start,

Read This Before Getting a Dedicated Fax Line

If you think that having a Gmail fax number means you need a dedicated fax line then you’re wrong. But being wrong is a good thing because now you can use the alternative solution that saves you time and money. This article will give you further insight