Why Are Business Still Faxing in 2019?

Is faxing a thing of the past? Actually, faxing is still essential for many businesses and a new wave of fax technology is on the rise. More and more businesses of all sizes and budgets continue to use faxing to transmit documents on a daily basis.

It’s clear that these days we have several ways to send and receive information with people around the world. Why would businesses still need to send faxes?

Despite being part of history, faxing was a common ground for international businesses to communicate and it still is today. Here are 4 reasons why faxing is still in the game and here to stay for a long time.

Sending Legal Documents

While we can take advantage of e-signatures for simple documents, many law firms, healthcare and government offices will only accept documents with a real signature and most likely require hard copies that can only be sent through fax. Using email faxing is a fast way to sign and send a document back.

Faxing is Secure

How many times do you hear about emails getting compromised or papers falling into the wrong hands? Faxing can reduce the chances of important business information getting intercepted by hackers.

Faxing Can Be Done in Many Ways

Technology has taken fax to the next level, using cloud fax you can now use the internet to send and receive faxes. This means you can fax from any computer or even from you mobile phone.

This is also a great plus for people on-the-go, you can check your faxes or send faxes no matter where you are. You are no longer tied down to a fax machine, you can easily start to send fax from Gmail on your laptop or cellphone.

Expand Your Business Internationally

Having an online fax number means you can do business with anyone in the world. Most companies outside the US primarily use faxing to transmit documents, if you want to keep up with international business then having a fax number is essential.