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Did You Know Your Email Faxing Service Could Do This?

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    At first you may think that online faxing is just about sending or receiving faxes, but the truth is that there’s a lot more to it.

    If we look at the past decade, there has been a massive change in the communication tools we use. Ultimately, email faxing has become a popular and essential tool for many businesses and even home offices.

    There’s no doubt that faxing through the internet saves you time and money, but in addition to these benefits you can also enjoy many other features that make internet faxing worth a lot more.

    Below are a few features that most email fax services include in your plan.

    1. Cellphone Fax Apps

    One of the latest additions to email faxing is the smartphone app. Today several big name companies have created apps that give you access to your email fax account from your smartphone such as an iPhone or Android.

    These apps make it easy to access your faxing account on the go and you can even send or receive faxes through them as well. You can take pictures of documents from your phone and easily convert them into a fax.

    2. Sending Faxes to Multiple Recipients

    If you remember, there was a time when you had to dial each and every number separately to send a fax to multiple recipients. Not only was it a time consuming process, but was frustrating too.

    However, things have changed now. All you have to do is just add the recipients in “TO section of Gmail (along with addresses that have been separated by semicolons) and hit the button.

    Your fax will be delivered to each and every recipient. In other words, it’s quite similar to sending an email to multiple recipients.

    5. Scheduling Your Faxes

    It’s not necessary for you to manually send your email fax from your office anymore. All you have to do is just sign-in to your account and schedule the time and date for the fax to be sent.

    Once you have fixed this schedule, the fax will be sent automatically by the service. However, in case if there’s any error or if your fax has not been sent in first attempt, then the service will try to send it again numerous times, until it succeeds. You can get a complete report of the transmission.

    3. Electronic Signature Capabilities

    The great thing about electronic signature is that it saves your time spent on signing and printing a document, and then scanning it. All you have to do now is to add the “signature option,” and the service provider will deal with the rest of the things. This feature can come quite handy to those who happen to send their authenticated documents quite often.

    4. Cloud Faxing Made Easy

    Through this feature you can extract any document from your cloud. Your cloud is basically your online storage service such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and so on.

    This feature makes it incredibly easy for you to send your documents on the go. Be sure to check with your email fax provider if they offer easy integration with these services.

    5. Ready for a Test Drive?

    These are some of the additional features that most email fax providers include with your plan.

    When choosing a service be sure to check which features are offered and take them for a test drive with free trials, you can view our list of recommended Email fax services.