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How You Can Send a Fax From Gmail Today

Thanks to Google’s free Gmail service, thousands of people today use Gmail for personal or business matters, as well as online faxing. They’ve continued to update their service by adding on features such as Google Drive for storage, Calendar, Photo and even document management and editing. A

How to Receive Fax in Your Gmail Inbox

Are you looking for a highly efficient and secure online faxing solution at a low price? Look no further because internet faxing provides all that and more for you to be able to send and receive faxes within minutes. Today’s technology brings us many options to take

How to Get Your Free Google Fax Number

In the past, faxing required you to have a fax machine, dedicated line service and installations in order to be able to send and receive data. This meant you needed to spend time and money to get everything set up to be able to transmit documents with

Fax a PDF From Your Computer

In the business world using the PDF format for a document is very common. It’s easy to use and users on both Mac and Windows can view the document since Adobe is a popular program that works on both systems. This article covers how you can fax