What Type of Google Fax Number Should I Choose?

Virtual Fax Number

When selecting a virtual fax number for your business you have several options available to choose from. It’s important to know how each service can help your company and this article will help you learn more about the types of numbers and how they work.

To start, these are the three main options you have to choose from:

  • Local Number
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Vanity Number

Most services will offer a free local or toll-free Google fax number with your account, Vanity numbers may require an extra one-time fee.

Also, if you already have a fax number you can keep your current number and have it propagated with the online fax service you will be using so you can fax from Gmail. This process can be done by contacting the provider and will usually take 1-2 weeks to complete the transfer.

Local Fax Number

A local number will contain the area code of the area where you are doing business from. This is a great option if you business focuses on local clients as it will easily let them know your location. Many customers prefer to deal with local businesses and using this type of number will let them know that you are in their neighborhood.

Toll-Free Fax Number

A toll-free number means that instead of having the area code in front of you number you will have an 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844 before your number. Most business use this type of number because it allows customers to call them toll-free which means that they will not be charged for the call and instead your business will be billed for any applicable charges. Many business that focus on customer service or telemarketing prefer to use this option. This page https://www.fcc.gov/guides/toll-free-numbers-and-how-they-work provides more information about this option.

Vanity Fax Number

This type of number offers the most customization. Basically it lets you pick out sequence of number you’d like to use, mainly in order to spell out your business or a word related to your business that will make it easier for customers to remember your number. A popular example is 1-800-Flowers. This number makes it a great tool for marketing but it is important to choose your number wisely.

What Number Should I Pick?

All of the above options work out great, but after reading each of their descriptions you should go with the one that will work best for your type of business. Take your time to jot down several options and variations that you could use and ask for second opinions. If you sign up for a free trial account you will still be given a free Google fax number and it will remain the same if you decide to continue using the service after the trial period expires.