Get Gmail Dark Mode on Android and iOS

gmail dark mode

If you’re a fan of the dark theme on your Gmail or even Google Maps, then you’ll be excited to try out the dark theme on other Google products on both iOS 13 and Android 10. Google announced will be dishing out the dark mode across several of their popular apps over the next few … Read more

Why Was Google and Gmail Down?

Yesterday you and thousands of other Google and Gmail users across the US may have noticed an error message when trying to login to Gmail, Chrome books or any other type of Google account log-in. The web giant first posted a notice at around 11:53PM PST about the outage and that it was being investigated. … Read more

Why Are Business Still Faxing in 2019?

Is faxing a thing of the past? Actually, faxing is still essential for many businesses and a new wave of fax technology is on the rise. More and more businesses of all sizes and budgets continue to use faxing to transmit documents on a daily basis. It’s clear that these days we have several ways … Read more

eFax Review

efax review

Another internet faxing provider for over 20 years, eFax is the #1 online fax service providing solutions for several Fortune 500 companies. Currently it’s ahead of other services by offering virtual fax numbers in over 42 countries, therefor dominating international faxing features. Try eFax free – instant activation. eFax Pricing Information While many services offer … Read more

Bitcoin Fax – Everything You Need to Know

A while ago Bitcoin launched their online fax service called Bitcoin Fax, allowing users to send faxes online with micropayments by using Bitcoin currency and eliminating the need to sign-up for a monthly plan. Why is this new faxing option causing so much discussion? Mainly because it’s a no-sign up service. Most online fax services … Read more